Faridpur lights up with 2,000 solar lanterns

Hazarbighar Char Island in Faridpur lit up with 2,000 solar lanterns under the Zayed Sustainability Prize’s “Guiding Light” global campaign. According to the press release issued by the Prize, Zayed Sustainability Prize logo was revealed by the 20 x 20 meter light installation post sunset.
Approximately 1,847 people consisting of students, fisherman, shopkeepers, vulnerable women and children, and local community health center workers will receive the lanterns. It primarily targets the families that have minimal or deprived of the on-grid power access.
The Zayed Sustainability Prize is the UAE’s global award that appreciates creative and inspiring solutions for sustainability. The award was introduced after the humanitarian legacy of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAE’s founding father. While Guiding Light campaign began in Bahrain on December 5, the next day was followed with an event in Bolivia.
Barua, a globally renowned businessman with a veteran’s experience in sustainable solutions, won the inaugural prize. Barua’s ultimate objective is to transform Bangladesh into a solar nation. In addition, he has been an international advocate for solar technology implementation as an attempt to bring a positive change in the lives of people that live in off-grid areas. As of now, 66 winners have received the prize.
The campaign will end with a final event in Abu Dhabi on January 9, 2019.


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