US ambassador Earl R Miller wants to see more economic engagement with Bangladesh

The US ambassador to Bangladesh, Earl R Miller, has said that the USA will prioritize economic engagement as Bangladesh is now a major market with more than 170 million people. He quotes, “I hope to see more American companies engaging in Bangladesh and more Bangladeshi companies engaging in the United States.”
Ambassador Miller made this statement in front of several reporters at a regular luncheon meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AmCham). The event was moderated by AmCham president Nurul Islam.
The ambassador to Bangladesh pointed out the success of US companies and US businesses in Bangladesh. He said, “We can do so much better. So, I look to work with the people of Bangladesh and the government of Bangladesh to bring in more trade delegations, more trade missions and more CEOs.”
He further added, “I’m very encouraged by the first meeting I had with the quality of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh with the quality of the American companies those already here. I want to double this number and triple this number.” Ambassador closed his statement with an enthusiastic ‘Joy Bangla’.
The United States of America has become a primary export destination for the South Asian country. Their two-way trade is valued at more than $7.47 billion per annum. The US envoy expressed his proudness on this arrangement. Currently, the trade is tipped more on Bangladesh’s side, as $6 billion were made last year in favor of Bangladesh.
The trade is predicted to boost even more in the future, keeping in mind that the US exports to Bangladesh were fueled by 100 percent year-on-year increases. The ambassador will remove unnecessary red tape and burdensome procedures that bring about corruption and hinder the trade between the US and Bangladesh.
Ambassador Earl R Miller acknowledged Bangladesh’s long strides in the international market. However, he raised the issue of scarce labor rights, which when resolved, will bring Bangladesh closer to economic prosperity.


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