UAE-Bangladesh business relations set to receive impetus

In light of a recent meeting in Dhaka between a three-member delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Salman F Raman, the private sector industry and investment advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the business relations between Bangladesh and UAE are expected to pick up pace.
The UAE delegation expressed their interest in setting up businesses in Bangladesh and stated that they would be more than willing to guide and assist Bangladeshi businessmen who are looking forward to set up business or even explore investment opportunities in the UAE. The delegation was headed by Waleid Bin Abdulkareim, CEO of OnTime Group, along with Yasmine Khan, an LLM-international litigation and arbitration expert as a member.
Abdulkareim discussed the idea of introducing a business center for potential investors and entrepreneurs based in UAE with Salman F Rahman. This comes after the fact that OnTime Group recently bagged the permission of UAE government for the same. If successfully executed, the hub will prove to be a source of information to assist the investors and business associated individuals via direct coordination with the UAE Embassy in Bangladesh’s capital.
Salman F Rahman further helped the UAE delegation in discussing the plans regarding the hub acting as a source of assistance for Bangladeshi businessmen interested in UAE-centric investments. While appreciating the CEO’s efforts, Rahman ensured the delegation that he extends his complete support towards any measure that improves the access to investment and ease of doing business in Bangladesh.
Such endeavors will play a motivating role for other countries to observe the improving international relations along with the rising economy of Bangladesh. With sectors like textiles, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, energy, power, etc, there are substantial opportunities that await proper utilization in Bangladesh.



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